In 2010 we said we'd plant 5 million trees in 5 years. With two years to go, we're half way there. The 2.5 million trees we've planted so far are helping to prevent desertification, increase yields of farm crops, reduce the effects of droughts and green communities.

Tree planting is a very important way for Timberland to put its environmental values in to action.

Since 2010, we've planted 2.2 million trees in Haiti. Those trees have not only produced food, fuel and shelter. They've helped 2,000 farmers increase the productivity on their farmlands by more than 50% -- resulting in increased income. In China's Horqin Desert, the 1.25 million trees we've planted since 2000 have helped to prevent sandstorms and desertification. Throw in the tens of thousands of additional trees we plant annually in dozens of other countries around the globe, and it's easy to see that trees really do mean a lot to us.